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BIS Achievements for S.Y. 2011-12
We take pride & congratulate the following students:
September 17 , 2011
SMX Convention Center MOA

Choi Ye Eun SUSIE of Level 5
1st Place in the Team Category

This event was participated by Grade 5 students from different schools using Singapore Math Sponsored by MC Marshall Cavndish Education and EdCrisch.
QC Youth Summit on Tourism
October 3 ,2011
Amoranto Theatre, QC.

A. Impromptu Speaking:

Jade Isabel Eclar of Level 10
1st Place, Filipino Category

Alphonse Lolotan of Level 10
TOP 3, English Category

B.Travel and Tourism Quiz Bee

Jade Isabel Eclar of Level 10
Andrea Lauren Ortiz of Level 10
Ricardo Miguel Juanengo of Level 9

C. QC Youth Ambassadors

Andrea Lauren Ortiz of Level 10
Ricardo Miguel Juanengo of Level 9

The QC Youth Summit had 112 participants from 12 schools in Quezon City. Organized by the Asian Institute of Tourism of University of the Philippines.
SCHOOL YEAR 2017 to 2018
July 18
Parents and Guardians Orientation
August 18
First Quarter Pre-PTC
August 31
Selebrasyon ng Buwan ng Wika
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2017 to 2018 BIS Student Handbook
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Located at the second floor of the Administration Building, the admin office houses both records office and cashier’s office. The record office makes available to students their Transcript of Records upon request. It also prepares for them upon request of letter of recommendation, college application forms, diploma, certificate of enrollment, graduation, etc. The Cashier’s Office takes care of all payments to be made.
The AVR aims to provide a variety of approaches and active stimulus through the use of various AV materials, equipment, and information technology resources. The resources of the center are varied to facilities and ensure an effective teaching learning process at all times.
Situated beside the Administrative Office, the computer laboratory equips the students with the necessary computer skills and concepts that are necessary for success in academics.
The English Resource Center, better known as the ERC, is anautonomous in-house hub that groups the best English teachers and mentors toserve its primary purpose of developing strategies and programs in teachingEnglish, primarily English as a Second Language (ESL).

In its desire to give the best and most appropriate learningexperience of English language, the ERC has generated and sourced up-to-datematerials and resources to offer to anyone who seeks to have a memorable andenriching experience of learning the English language. It now containsmost of the English literary books Benedictine has discriminatingly acquiredover the years. It has more than 1500 English literary titles -ranging from popular to classic, and covering five different genres - to meetthe different needs and interests of the growing Benedictine population. A good number of these are works of award winning authors for children andyoung adult literature.

All materials in the ERC are aninvaluable part of the assessment and enrichment program of BIS. With astrong partnership with Scholastic, Inc., ERC is instrumental in delivering apractical and sound approach in teaching and learning English.


The Library is a service center teaching agency, materials center and reading center. It participates actively in the school program as it strives to meet the academic needs of students, teachers and other members of the community by providing library materials and services most appropriate and meaningful in their growth and development as individuals.


The L.E. room is where the students learn and develop their cooking skills.


Laboratory is place where discovery leads to knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the science concepts.

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