General Rules on Admission

The Admission Committee of BIS admits new students and transferees on the basis of the results of the entrance tests, interviews, academic records, character evaluation and the parents’ acceptance of the school’s mission statement, philosophy, objective and policies.

Everything is on a first-come-first served basis. The number of applicants to be admitted depends on the number of vacancies to be filled in the level applied for; hence, no entrance examinations will be administered once placement is completed. Likewise, no interpretation of entrance test results in terms of scores and descriptions will be made for the ones who fail the test. The test will be held strictly confidential.


1) Submit requirements to the Admission Office.

2) Secure an application form from the Admission Office.

Basic Requirements:

  • Birth Certificate or its equivalent
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • 5 pieces 1x1 ID picture
  • Recommendation Letter from the Principal/Guidance Counselor
  • Report Card (Form 138)
  • Medical Certificate

For Foreign Student Applicants:

  • Translated/authenticated Student Record
  • Translated/authenticated Certification of Graduation
  • Translated/authenticated Certification of Enrolment
  • Accomplished BIS Application Form
  • Photocopy of passport and visa
  • SSP – Student Study Permit

3) Pay the Testing fee at the Cashier’s Office and present receipt to the Admission Officer who will then issue the test permit and schedule the test


1) Examination starts as scheduled by the Admission officer. This test schedule will be strictly observed. If for some important reason the applicant cannot come for testing on set date, the parent/guardian should inform the Admission Office a day before the testing so that a rescheduling can be done.

2) No test results will be mailed. Parents/Guardian must call the Guidance Office for the result two days after the test.

Prerequisites for Admission

1) Applicants who pass the test will be interviewed by the Admission Officer or its representative.

2) All new students / returning students are placed under probationary status for a year.

3) The Principal makes a final decision regarding admission.

4) The parents of the applicants are required to attend the orientation meeting to be given by the School Administrators on a scheduled date.

Fees & Payments

1) Tuition and other fees are posted at the Administration Office prior to and during the enrollment period.

2) The School, through the Finance Officer, devised the following mode of payment.

Miscellaneous and tuition fees for the entire year are paid upon registration.

Miscellaneous and tuition fees for the semester are paid upon registration and tuition fee for the second semester is paid on or before the scheduled date.

Miscellaneous and tuition fees for the first quarter are paid upon registration and the quarter tuition fee should be paid on or before the scheduled date. For Filipino students only.

Miscellaneous and tuition fees for the first month are paid upon registration and the monthly tuition fee should be paid on or before the 15th of each month. For Filipino students only.

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