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BIS Achievements for S.Y. 2011-12
We take pride & congratulate the following students:
September 17 , 2011
SMX Convention Center MOA

Choi Ye Eun SUSIE of Level 5
1st Place in the Team Category

This event was participated by Grade 5 students from different schools using Singapore Math Sponsored by MC Marshall Cavndish Education and EdCrisch.
QC Youth Summit on Tourism
October 3 ,2011
Amoranto Theatre, QC.

A. Impromptu Speaking:

Jade Isabel Eclar of Level 10
1st Place, Filipino Category

Alphonse Lolotan of Level 10
TOP 3, English Category

B.Travel and Tourism Quiz Bee

Jade Isabel Eclar of Level 10
Andrea Lauren Ortiz of Level 10
Ricardo Miguel Juanengo of Level 9

C. QC Youth Ambassadors

Andrea Lauren Ortiz of Level 10
Ricardo Miguel Juanengo of Level 9

The QC Youth Summit had 112 participants from 12 schools in Quezon City. Organized by the Asian Institute of Tourism of University of the Philippines.
SCHOOL YEAR 2017 to 2018
July 18
Parents and Guardians Orientation
August 18
First Quarter Pre-PTC
August 31
Selebrasyon ng Buwan ng Wika
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2017 to 2018 BIS Student Handbook
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Education is a cooperative undertaking of the home and the school, which requires unity of purpose and consistency in the pursuit of this end. As a philosophy, the Benedictine International School (BIS) believes that through quality education, we form total persons who are prepared to meet the demands of life and who will be movers of society.

Benedictine International School formerly Benedictine Abbey School of Quezon City is an Asia-based co-ed international school that was founded in June 2000.

The Department of Education has granted the Preschool, Elementary School and Secondary School the recognition to operate.

It is affiliated with and is a prospective member of national organizations such as the World Council on Curriculum and Instruction - Philippine Chapter, the Principals Circle of the Philippines, Association of Private School Administrators, and the Center for Educational Measurement Inc.; and likewise of international organizations such as the World Council on Curriculum and Instruction- International and the Inter-scholastic Sports Association.

At present, students of varied cultures constitute the student body.

BIS was established on the philosophy that relevant education is a product of adaptation to the demands of the time and the corresponding new approaches that can be applied in the delivery of such education.

It believes in the enrichment of core competencies and values of the system of education, the utilization of modern trends in class management, the methodology and delivery of subject matter that often spell the success of innovative and relevant education.

As a School that Learns, BIS utilizes the tools and habits of Systems Thinking which is attributed to Peter Senge, MIT Senior Lecturer, Author, and Founding Chair – Society for Organizational Learning (SOL). He says “Systems Thinking integrates the various parts of the system in a way that maximizes organizational effectiveness... The discipline of systems thinking provides a different way of looking at problems and goals not as isolated events but as components of larger structures.”

BIS, therefore, emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers a balance between critical thinking and emotional stability.


BIS envisions being an active prime mover in the delivery of quality and practical education with information technology, social entrepreneurship, and emotional intelligence as its main thrusts.

In effect, BIS brings out the total person who is capable of positive changes in the Philippines and in the world community.


BIS commits to develop 21st century learners equipped with the 5 Cs:


Dedication to the choices one makes, desired future, and life-long learning

Understanding of the nature of systems thru critical thinking and the utilization of the necessary tools and habits

The awareness of self in others, which translates to empathy and stewardship of nature

The capacity to develop personal mastery in terms of managing emotions and in facing challenges and innovations

The ability to engage well in constructive and collaborative communication

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